Art of Cool Jazz Festival

I am so excited that Cicely Mitchell and Al Strong of Art of Cool are bringing their real life vision of a Jazz festival to our home town in Durham, North Carolina!!  They have really out done themselves with an outstanding line-up on this first run of the festival. I will be performing with 3 different groups: The Beast, Peter Lamb and the Wolves, and Shana Tucker.   I am also really excited to see many of the other amazing musicians and performers come to town and rock on a local stage.  Aside from music lovers, this festival will be a great opportunity for music students to catch a very high caliber of concentrated bands and players in a 2 day span.  If you are reading this and don’t know about the festival or are on the fence about buying a ticket, you have my personal endorsement that this weekend is going to be incredible and your money will be very well spent on access to world class performers in our back yard.  Here is a link to tickets.  You can check out where I will be throughout the weekend on my performances page.


Yours Truly,



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